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Diabetes Management services offered in Clifton and Linden North Jersey

If you’re having trouble managing your diabetes, the Linden Medical Group specialists can help you discover effective ways to improve your quality of life. The team provides comprehensive diabetes management at one of the two offices in Clifton and Linden, New Jersey. Call today to schedule an appointment or reserve online through the booking tool.

Diabetes Management Q&A

What is diabetes management?

Diabetes management includes many essential methods to monitor your health regarding your diabetes diagnosis. Diabetes management considers several lifestyle factors, such as your food intake, physical activity, and medications you might take. It’s also crucial to monitor your blood sugar levels frequently. 

What is diabetes?

If you’ve recently received a diabetes or pre-diabetes diagnosis, you may be unsure what that means for your overall health. When you eat, your body produces important proteins to help energy get from the blood and into the cells. Type 1 diabetes is often genetic and results in your body not producing enough insulin. The other form of diabetes, type 2, often occurs from certain lifestyle factors that cause your cells to become resistant to insulin, leaving energy in the bloodstream.

Why is diabetes management important?

Without managing your diabetes properly, you may experience a reduced quality of life and face potentially life-threatening concerns. A lack of diabetes management can prolong the condition and strain your body. Generally, you may experience fatigue, headaches, hunger, and increased thirst.

Uncontrolled diabetes can damage extremities and vital organs. Energy from tiny sugar molecules remains in the blood for too long. This strains the tiny blood capillaries throughout the body. People with diabetes have an increased risk of kidney and liver damage because of this effect. Moreover, vision loss can also result from capillaries bursting, resulting in eye damage.

Is diabetes management just a diet plan?

While diet is vital to managing diabetes, your provider will also focus on several lifestyle contributors to monitor and improve your health. They’ll help suggest balanced meals and food choices and teach you crucial food techniques, such as carbohydrate counting and medication timing to improve your blood sugar.

Diabetes management also includes stress management, as hormone levels can influence your blood sugar. The Linden Medical Group experts help you identify stress patterns and how to reduce them. Last, when considering diabetes, physical activity is more than simply telling you to exercise. Because of blood sugar concerns, a regular exercise routine is key. Inadequate blood sugar or too strenuous activity can cause additional issues, which your provider will help you mitigate. Learn more by calling the Linden or Clifton, New Jersey office today to schedule an appointment or book through the online reservation portal.

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