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Bone Density Screening

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Bone Density Screening services offered in Clifton and Linden North Jersey

The Linden Medical Group and its team of experts help provide strong, healthy bones that support your overall wellness. Their team offers comprehensive bone density screening to ensure your bones function correctly and that there’s no underlying illness like osteoporosis. Call today or book online to schedule an appointment at the Linden or Clifton, New Jersey office.

Bone Density Screening Q&A

What is bone density screening?

Bone density screening is a diagnostic test that uses X-rays to monitor the density of bone tissue. The body has specific mechanisms to ensure your bones stay strong and provide essential support for the body. Sometimes, these systems become imbalanced and can lead to osteopenia and osteoporosis. More specifically, the screening checks for the amount of calcium in the bone. Common bones your provider may screen include the spine, hip, and forearm.

Why is bone density screening important?

Bone density screening helps provide an official diagnosis if you’re experiencing bone health concerns. This diagnostic procedure also determines your risk of developing a fracture or broken bone and can help prevent a future injury. By assessing the calcium levels in your bones, the Linden Medical Group can act swiftly to provide effective treatment and monitor the process.

Do I need bone density screening?

Your provider may recommend bone density screening if you’ve recently lost a couple of inches of height, as this could indicate low bone density. Moreover, if you’ve recently fractured a bone or taken certain medications that affect calcium metabolism, you should frequently receive bone density screening. 

Hormone levels also play a role in the management of body calcium. An imbalance of hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen, can weaken bones and increase fracture risk. Though women experience bone-related health concerns more often than men, men can still develop bone ailments and should seek regular bone density screenings. Other factors that increase the likelihood of needing bone density screening include family history, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, and vitamin deficiency. 

Is a bone density screening the same as a bone scan?

Bone density screenings differ from bone scans, though both require X-rays. Bone density screenings are less invasive and check only the mineral content of your bones. Bone scans require an injection before the procedure occurs and is often used to screen for and diagnose fractures, infections, cancer, and structural abnormalities.

What can I expect during a bone density screening?

Bone density screenings are a quick, painless procedure that often requires very little preparation. Before your appointment, your provider may ask you to avoid taking calcium supplements for 24 hours. Calcium supplements may throw off the accuracy of the screening. To learn more about bone density screening, call the offices in Clifton and Linden, New Jersey, and schedule an appointment today. You can also book online through the reservation portal.

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