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Thyroid Biopsy services offered in Clifton and Linden North Jersey

The thyroid is an essential organ that promotes a healthy body metabolism, and thyroid problems can negatively impact your overall health. The Linden Medical Group experts offer thyroid biopsies to test for imbalances. If you believe there might be an issue with your thyroid, the experts in Clifton and Linden, New Jersey, offer diagnostic relief. Call one of the offices today to schedule an appointment or book online through the reservation system.

Thyroid Biopsy Q&A

What is a thyroid biopsy?

The thyroid produces important hormones, influencing how your cells manage dietary fat and carbohydrates. If there is an imbalance, a thyroid biopsy can help determine the source by removing a small piece of the gland and examining it. A thyroid biopsy is a relatively painless and quick procedure requiring a thin needle to uptake a tiny portion of the thyroid. This sample is then sent out to lab experts to see if there is any cause for concern.

Why is a thyroid biopsy important?

Many people often experience nodes in the thyroid. Often, thyroid nodules cause no side effects and don’t impact your health. It’s important to confirm this through a thyroid biopsy, as an underactive or overactive thyroid can impose serious health risks. Some health concerns that a dysfunctional thyroid may cause include:

  • Cysts
  • Grave’s disease
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • Infection
  • Cancer

Sometimes, your healthcare provider may first opt for preliminary tests, like ultrasound, CT scans, and blood work, to monitor your thyroid function. However, a thyroid biopsy may be required to provide crucial details.

How do I prepare for a thyroid biopsy?

Before your scheduled appointment, the Linden Medical Group experts provide detailed instructions. Some of these instructions may be specific to you. Generally speaking, you should expect to eat and drink normally and reduce or stop the use of blood thinners. During the procedure, your provider cleans the treatment area, applies a numbing gel, and inserts the needle. A thyroid biopsy is quick and doesn’t prevent you from continuing regular activities afterward.

Does a thyroid biopsy require sedation?

Thyroid biopsies are minimally invasive and take 5-10 minutes for each node. Patients remain awake for the entire biopsy procedure. If you experience a fear of needles, your healthcare provider can offer additional assistance to make the procedure more accessible.

What can I expect following a thyroid biopsy?

After your procedure, the Linden Medical Group team will cover the wound before you leave the office. They may recommend ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce swelling and inflammation. Biopsy test results often come back within a few business days. To schedule your thyroid biopsy, call the Linden or Clifton, New Jersey office today or book online through the reservation portal.

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